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Technology isn’t just our expertise—it’s a dedication to the best solutions.

Our skills stem from our love of technology. We stay on top of the latest innovations, and for you that means an evolving business that’s ahead of the times. Other IT shops may not take the time to invest in new opportunities or the urgency to implement them. At Upton, our talented team members work to grow together and seamlessly pass that knowledge on to you and your organization.

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Remote Management

Business downtime is money lost. With remote managed services, we monitor your network, workstations, and servers remotely.

Consulting Services

We offer cybersecurity training and project management to assist your business and your IT team with projects that may require an extra set of hands or an

Disaster Recovery

The most important part of any business is the integrity of your data. Do you have a written disaster recovery plan? If so, have you tested it

In our Industry Insights journal we share tips, trends, & the latest in tech.

Common Firewall Misconfigurations

Many times, firewalls are seen as the silver bullet for border security in networks, but this simply isn’t the case.  A Read More

Rethink Your Privacy

In recent weeks privacy has been lost for many.  Social media continues to be an avenue where people get a false Read More

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