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Collect and uncover case-critical data to support litigation.

Don’t let cybercriminals outsmart you. Upton Technologies helps law firms investigate cyber instances with cutting-edge technology and expert analysis. We offer extensive IT digital forensic services tailored to address HR, legal, cloud, and network-based incident investigations.


Secure data pertinent to specific devices, networks, and more.



Comb through logs to uncover events and establish timelines.


Efficient, seasoned pros handle your IT forensics.


Keep vital ESI for your records through meticulous preservation.


Enjoy cost-effective forensics solutions without compromising quality.

Digital Forensics Analysis in MS

Find the Source of Truth

We identify relevant digital evidence, preserve it, collect all data and supporting facts, and then report it to you. Upton Technologies’ comprehensive IT forensic analysis services uncover crucial evidence necessary for network engineers, on-site security teams, or HR departments at law firms. If an incident occurs, we’ll help you effectively manage the technical challenges of incident response.

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Safeguard vital ESI through meticulous documentation and storage, ensuring integrity throughout the entire investigation.
Secure diverse digital data, including devices, cloud services, and network logs that are pertinent to the investigation or incident.
Discover comprehensive findings derived from analyzed evidence, facilitating informed decision-making.
Safeguard vital ESI through meticulous documentation and storage, ensuring integrity throughout the entire investigation.
Conduct a factual, in-depth analysis to uncover events and establish a chronological timeline supported by artifacts.
Implement rigorous procedures to authenticate digital evidence, ensuring its reliability and credibility in investigations.


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Put this simple, easy plan in place to proactively address the growing cybersecurity challenges every legal organization eventually faces.

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Helping you make data discovery your strength is a dedication we feel deeply. Upton Technologies stays on top of the latest electronic forensics best practices, and for you, that means an evolving law practice ahead of the times.