vCIO (virtual CIO)

Do you see technology as the cost of doing business? With the right strategic partner, technology can be leveraged to help lower your business overhead so you can run more efficiently and become more profitable without having to add more staff. A CIO, or Chief Information Officer, is normally a role that is reserved for large companies. Their job is to ensure the company is using the best tools available and to come up with a strategy to implement new processes and procedures. With virtual CIO services Upton Technologies, LLC can fill that CIO role. We work with you to understand the operations of your business and how we can implement new technology that will help make the greatest impact on your business.

Consulting Services 

  • Security Training Program
    • We offer cyber security training and project management to assist your business and your IT team with projects that may require an extra set of hands or an area of expertise. We’ll work with your IT staff and directors to help complete projects on time and on budget.  You can find out more details about our security training programs here.
  • Managed Services
    • You may have heard about managed services, but what exactly is it? Is it monitoring a workstation or server, or is it allowing a technician to have remote access to your machine? Actually, managed services takes policies and procedures used for data centers and applies them to your network. How do some of the largest companies in tech such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google promise 99.99 percent uptime? They have staff that continually review and implement best practices for hardware/software life cycles, network security, and OS patch management. At Upton Technologies, LLC we implement these same philosophies applied to data centers to ensure your network continues to operate with very little downtime.

Disaster Recovery

The most important part of any business is the integrity of your data. Do you have a written disaster recovery plan? If so, have you tested it recently? Without a good backup plan, you are at high risk of losing valuable data. We can work with your company to design and implement a plan that will help you sleep better at night knowing your data is protected.

Cloud Services 

The days of having a server at your office are coming to an end. High server hardware and implementation costs are now transitioning to inexpensive cloud services provided by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how cloud services can benefit your business.